Water is a fundamental factor to life. Truth be told, all humans take it for granted. According to BBC, one in three people admit that they leave the tap open while brushing their teeth. This wastes about twenty-four liters of water a day. In Arizona, citizens have not yet found a valid reason to save water. Slowly but surely our water resources are either disappearing and/or becoming contaminated. People’s mindsets are that we can not possibly run out of water because earth is an average of seventy-one percent water. Little do they know, only about one percent of that water is drinkable.


Creating a conscious about our daily water consumption in our homes is very important. Daily routines like washing your teeth, taking a shower, or simply using the restroom use up more water than you can imagine.  According to Conserve H2O, more than forty-five percent of our water use happens in our bathrooms.  Toilets use almost twenty-seven percent of that water.  In San Luis Arizona, most of our homes have new toilets, which use less water per flush. The problem now is that long showers and daily baths are becoming more common in our society.  The average shower lasts eight minutes. This may seem like a short shower for many of us, but a simple eight-minute shower uses about sixty-two liters of water.  An average full tub or bath uses eighty liters of water. 

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San Luis Arizona is a small desert town. Running out of water for San Luis citizens would mean loosing our primary resource to live. Summers range from 100-120+ degrees ferenheit. Citizens that have lived here their entire lives can bare the high temperatures becuase of shading and large amounts of water. Children walk to and from school to their houses in the heat. Their way to recuperate from the tempatures and their walking is drinking big glasses of water. Water which we waste doing our daily activities without concern. Also, water that could become scarce due to our irresponsibility. 

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    Did you know...?

  • Old toilets use about four gallons per flush, new ones use about 1.6 gallons, on average about 3 gallons are used per flush.

  • Face/leg shaving use about one gallon of water per minute

  • Hands/face washing use about 1 gallon per minute

  • Teeth brushing use about 1 gallon per minute.

  • A shower typically uses up to 5 gallons of water per minute.

  • A Bath “full tub” uses about 36 gallons.
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  • Los escusados viejos gastan almenos cuatro galones de agua por descarga. Los escusados nuevos usan solo 1.6 galones.

  • Mientras razuras tu cara o piernas gastas almenos un gallon de agua por minuto.

  • Lavando tu cara y manos usas almenos un galon por minuto.

  • Un regaderaso tipicamente usa cinco galones de agua por minuto

  • Un baño en tina usa aproximadamente 36 galones de agua.


  • Turn off the water when you shave or brush your teeth (Apaga el agua mientras te rasuras o cepillas los dientes)

  • Take baths as occasional treats (toma baños en la tina occacionalmente)

  • Fix leaky faucets!  The constant drip is a huge waste of water. (Arregla las goteras! Esas gotitas gastan mucha agua)

  • Do not flush things down the toilet to dispose of them.  Use a garbage can instead.  It does not use gallons of water! (Usa el cesto para toda la basura, no lo tires por el inodoro)

  • Put a bucket in the shower while you wait for the water to warm up, you can use that water to water your plants or clean. (Pon una cubeta mientras esperas que el agua se caliente. Puedes usar esa agua para regar tus plantas o limpiar.)

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